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Follow the history of SCFD3, Spangle, and Medical Lake Fire Departments.

Spokane County Fire District #3 was formed from a "grassroots citizen movement" on March 19th 1945. This movement came from the desire of the citizenry to have access to timely fire protection year round. Three community members were elected into their positions of Fire Commissioners; Chair H.T. Brown, Byron Shoaf, & Irvin Hill. Serving as Fire Chief during SCFD3's foundation was Fire Chief Art Bean supported by Secretary H.D. Walker.

Fire District #3 in its early existence covered approximately the southwest one-third of Spokane County or 635 square miles. The protection of this area was at the hands of just 49 volunteer firefighters. During the event of an emergency, notification was made through landline telephone calls to the firefighters alerting them to the incident as mobile radios were non existent during these times. SCFD3 surrounded the communities of Cheney, Spangle, and Medical Lake.


The first three apparatus to be placed in service were located in Amber, Espanola, and Plaza.  The Fire District carried reciprocal mutual-aid & auto-aid agreements with each of those communities, in the event of a large incident the agencies would assist one another for the completion of one common goal.

The ever evolving Fire District changed with time, as fires became less of an occurrence the gears shifted towards an all hazards response including medical response; 75% of the annual call volume today. 


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