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Command Staff

The SCFD3 Command Staff team is committed to providing guidance and support throughout the community and department, providing a safer community and work environment.

Rohrbach, Cody-PhotoRoom.jpg

Cody Rohrbach

Fire Chief

Dennstaedt, Bill-PhotoRoom.jpg

Bill Dennstaedt

Deputy Chief

Bollar, Aaron-PhotoRoom.jpg

Aaron Bollar

Deputy Chief

Flock, Dustin-PhotoRoom.jpg

Dustin Flock

Division Chief

Brunke, Tom-PhotoRoom.jpg

Tom Brunke

Division Chief

Power, Ryan-PhotoRoom.jpg

Ryan Power

Division Chief

Tuner, Alex-PhotoRoom.jpg

Alex Turner

Battalion Chief


Joe Hennessy

Battalion Chief


Dennis Starring

Battalion Chief

Flock, Tim-PhotoRoom.jpg

Tim Flock

Part Paid On-Call
Battalion Chief

Duty Officers

Fitzgerald, Patrick-PhotoRoom.jpg

Pat Fitzgerald

Horton, Dan-PhotoRoom.jpg

Dan Horton

Zorrozua, Zach-PhotoRoom.jpg

Zach Zorrozua

Hartman, Charles-PhotoRoom.jpg

Charles Hartman

Kane, Brad-PhotoRoom.jpg

Brad Kane

Henson, Nathan-PhotoRoom-PhotoRoom.jpg

Nathan Henson

McCandless, Shane-PhotoRoom.jpg

Shane McCandless

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