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Prevention Division

The primary mission of SCFD3 Prevention Division is to create a safe community for our citizens and firefighters through improving building safety, business practices and preventing life safety hazards.

Plan Review

New construction requires the review and approval of land use and commercial building applications. Submitted plans are reviewed for approval to assure that buildings are constructed in accordance with current fire and life safety code requirements. Our office works closely with the commercial building inspectors to conduct on-site inspections as well as working closely with the commercial building review teams.

Applications for the following are reviewed by our office: 

  • Placement of on site hydrant locations

  • LPG/Propane tank installations

  • Below ground flammable liquid storage tanks

  • Fire Sprinkler Systems

  • Fire Alarm Systems

  • Storage, use, and handling of hazardous materials

Fire & Life Safety Occupancy Inspections

The Spokane County Fire District #3 Fire Prevention Division conducts annual fire and life safety inspections to ensure the safety and ingress/egress of facility occupants and firefighters.

The SCFD3 Fire Marshal and Protection Code requires that Life Safety Systems and Fire Protection Systems shall be inspected, tested, and maintained at regular intervals defined by their respective regulating codes.

A record of periodic inspections, tests, servicing and other operations and maintenance shall be maintained on the premises or other approved location for not less than 3 years, or a different period of time where specified in this code or referenced standards. Records shall be made available for inspection by the fire code official, and a copy of the records shall be provided to the fire code official on request.

The fire code official is authorized to prescribe the form and format of such recordkeeping. The fire code official is authorized to require that certain required records be filed with the fire code official.

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure their selected service contractor files properly.  This is the prescribed form and format to file records of inspections, tests, or maintenance with the Fire Marshal's Office.  All reports on the Code required safety systems listed below, shall be filed.


Helpful Tips:

  • Our AHJ ID is WAA11498. This is necessary when submitting reports through IROL.

  • IROL’s system provides industry-based reports OR companies can upload/submit their own test report.

  • Users are able to track and update deficiencies and communicate with our department and/or your customer, the business/property owner, directly through IROL at no additional costs.

  • There are no user fees or additional fees associated with IROL.

  • You’re able to create and add unlimited number of users.

  • Business/property owners are able to register and use IROL at no cost allowing your company to also electronically submit to your customer.

Systems to be submitted:

Initial System Commissioning

Annual Fire Alarm

Annual and Semi-Annual Hood Suppression

Semi-Annual Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Annual Smoke Control System

Annual Standpipe

Annual Fire Door

Annual Private Hydrant 

Annual Sprinkler (commercial only)

Annual Fire Pump

Annual 5-year Internal Pipe

Annual Emergency Generator

5-year Standpipe

Annual Clean Agent              

Annual Emergency Radio

Declined Service (No cost)

Wildfire Mitigation &
Property Assessments

Fire District #3 has partnered with the Washington State Department of Natural Resources to better serve our community and educate property owners on how they can best prepare for a wildfire. Our team conducts property assessments using they Survey123 application, we are able to provide an on the spot property assessment survey immediately following the assessment. This not only provides one on one discussion and visual aids but a survey the owner can refer back to at a later date.

The property assessments conducted by SCFD3 are geared around the home-ignition-zone (HIZ). This is the area immediately surround the home from the foundation out to 100 feet. If you would like more information, or would like to sign up to have an assessment conducted on your property please visit Wildfire Ready Neighbors.

You can also reach out to Division Chief, Dustin Flock directly at 509-235-6645 or


Public Education

Fire Prevention and Education starts with some of the youngest members of our community . The prevention team at SCFD3 is dedicated to educating our school aged children ranging from preschoolers to seniors in high school. Starting with some of the most simple things, creating a relationship and understanding that firefighters are our friends

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